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“ Arabic is ranked at sixth position among the many languages and it is one of the oldest languages in the world. ”

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“ Quran is a blessing for the whole Muslim Ummah as it is not only a means for spiritual growth but is also a source of knowledge. ”

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“Dua plays an important role in the life of Muslims. It should be memorized, recited and practiced in all walks of life.”

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“ Quran serves as a portal between two realms, which is present life and the hereafter. It is the only source of link between believers and God.”

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“Brighten your homes with reciting Qur’aan; do not turn them into graves. Surely the house in which a lot of recitation takes place ” .

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“Holy Quran was revealed to organize and bring stability in the lives of mankind. It covers all dimensions of human life .”

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Learn Quran From The Comfort Of Your Home

Tayseerulquran Institute, is a place where learning is a positive and fun notion. The teachers are excellent in their fields, and are able to customize and adapt to your learning capabilities. It's such a blessing to have my kids be taught by sister Gowana. My kids have gone through many teachers and madrasa's, however the only one that has made them improve and grow is Tayseerulquran. I would recommend Tayseerulquran to anyone who wants to learn and be able to speak arabic, learn the Quran, or become more in tune with Islam.
                  -Jazakallah, Sada Hashim - Canada.

“ I’ve been really, really impressed with the level of teaching to date. Please pass my thanks and congratulations on to the founders for a brilliant Quran teaching school. You’ve made me a loyal customer and I will certainly recommend you to others!!! ”

                                                         -David Robinson.

My son and I have been receiving lessons from Sheikh Gomaa and Gowana for the past year. Gowana's teaching style and system of rewarding achievement is great in engaging children and making the process of learning relaxed and enjoyable.Sheikh Gomaa is equally an excellent teacher with very good command of English language which enhances the quality of the teaching. Shiekh Gomaa is gifted with clarity in his teachings, patience and always willingness to go the extra mile to ensure that the student understands the subject being taught. I will recommend Tayseerulquran Institute to anyone wanting to learn Arabic and Tajweed.

                                                -Haddija. London, UK.

What Students Say